We keep moving with the times. Thank goodness for Zoom. 🙂


MEETING RECAP top 10 takeaways:

1. We need to feed our minds with positivity, especially now!

2. The market is still strong as we have multiple escrows opening. 

3. Multiple offers / bidding wars in highly demanded areas along with sub $800k price points. 

4. It is still a sellers market but we are seeing sellers cooperating more with buyers on inspection repair requests. 

5. The iBuyers (open-door, zillow, etc) have stopped or drastically slowed down their buying. 

6. Realtors now more than ever need to be the voice of reason for our clients and communities. 

7. Providing more Video options for:
Open Houses, Buyers wanting to see the flow of a property.

8. There are buyers and sellers wanting to wait for the corona virus threat to end. Some feel they will get a better deal. The only issue is, what if home values do not decrease and when things settle interest rates start climbing again?

9. We are very optimistic for the AZ economy and feel the State will have a surge of revenues across all markets and arenas once things settle down.

10. Lucifer, sex-ed and the mentalist are our top Netflix picks. 🙂

Stay safe out there!